Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade Archives

The foundation of ‘Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade Archives’ (ADRA) has been laid in line with the   expansive vision of scholar-musician Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade. The archive consists of his collection of wide-ranging and rare material, painstakingly put together over the 50 years of his ethnomusicological journey.

Along with Dr Ranade’s collection, several musicians and veterans have donated their personal collections to ADRA, such as Malini Rajurkar, Sunita Khadilkar, Veenapani Shukla, W W Kale, etc.

ADRA is committed to the preservation and digitization of this treasure-house of resources on the performing arts and making it available to students, researchers and performers.

What rich resources reside in these archives?
  • More than 4,500 books and other publications in many languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati on a vast variety of subjects related to the world of the performing arts, culture, sociology, anthropology, folklore, literature of India and the rest of the world.
  • More than 2,500 hours of audio-visual material on cassettes, CDs and DVDs
  • Press clippings, own notes, photographs on multiple subjects.
What are the facilities offered?
  • A reference library where people can read and refer to the books.
  • Consoles where people can listen to music and watch the videos.
  • Photocopying and scanning/photographing facilities, as the material is not available for home lending.
  • Collective listening sessions from the music archives can be arranged.

Dr. Ranade always emphasized that scholarly enquiry and the performing tradition are not two separate paths, they are intertwined aspects of ethnomusicology. The archives will carry forward this belief, providing ample sources and resources for researchers and performers, alike.

Programs and activities at ADRA
  • We conduct guided listening sessions and film screenings on various themes and topics related to music and culture
  • We offer internship in archiving and research for the students of Music
  • On the occasion of foundation day of ADRA, we organize ‘Performance from Archives’, a special performance created from archival material. In this series, we invite a performer to access the archival material, research, contemplate and perform on a specific theme.
Performance from Archives Series:
  • Program 1 – ‘Natak Ubhe Rahatana’ (Theatrical performance in making)

Saturday, 12th November 2016 at Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha

Presenters: Pramod Kale, Harshad Rajpathak, Vedant Ranade, Sachin Joshi, Amruta Patwardhan and Shruti Kunte.

In this performance, select writings of Vijay Tendulkar, Satish Alekar, Arvind Deshpande, Bhakti Barve, Pradip Mulye, Keshavrao Bhole were presented along with audio-visual clippings, to describe various aspects of the whole process of making a theatrical performance – from writing a script, direction, lights, set designing, music, acting to actual first show.

  • Program 2 – ‘Recherche Thumri’

Saturday, 28th October 2017, 6 pm. Venue: Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha

Presenters: Dr. Pournima Dhumale. Co-artists: Arun Gawai (Tabla), Dr. Chaitanya Kunte (Harmonium)

‘Recherche Thumri’ was a special kind of performance constructed with use of rare archival material. In this performance, Dr. Pournima Dhumale, basically an Agra Gharana exponent rendered rare, unrecorded Thumri compositions of 19th century composers such as Shokh Rang, Anokhe Piya, Nizami, Nazir from Lucknow and Gwalior tradition. Dr. Dhumale specially picked up uncommon genre of Bandhi Thumri, usually rendered for Kathak dance, also Bhajan-Ang Thumri, Kajri, etc. for this special presentation.


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