In the year 1992, Girish Joshi, Rajesh Deshmukh and others- a group of extremely Talented and young Theatre artists approached Maharashtra Cultural Centre to produce the play ‘Babhulban’ wishing to participate in the Rajya Natya Spardha (State Theatre Competition).

“Jyostna Bhole” the then President of Mcc immediately agreed and produced ‘Babhulban’. This collaboration was a blessing in disguise as the play received all awards along with the premier ranking in the competition. The play brought back the premier ranking to Pune after a long 15 years. This collaboration gave birth to the Theatre wing of MCC, a seed that was planted in 1992 would go on to create history in theatre of Pune and now is a strong Banyan tree giving its bounty to all theatre artists  in its shade.
‘Babhulban’paved the road for many more productions of one act plays, full length plays such as Girish Joshi’s ‘Prembhangacha Abhang’ Dr.Chandrashekhar Phansalkar’s ‘Melya aai cha chaha’ and Prathampurushi’ ,Pramod Kale’s ‘Bandgul’,  Vivek Bele’s ‘Nevermind’and ‘Alibaba ani chalisatle chor’Pu.La. Deshpande’s Ék Zunja Varyashi’ M.G Rangnekar’s ‘Sangeet Kulvadhu’. Many of these productions won several awards in all categories.
1996, brought in a wave of new kind of Children Theatre, ‘GRIPS’ theatre- a German style of children theatre. The concept was brought to India by Padmashree Dr. Mohan Agashe to Theatre Academy in 1986, but was soon taken over by Maharashtra Cultural Centre at the behest of Dr.Mohan Agashe. With over 20 productions till date and 2000 shows Mcc’s GRIPS theatre is moving ahead from strength to strength under the Visionary leadership of Shrirang Godbole, Shubhangi Damle and Vibhawari Deshpande with many new productions planned in the immediate future.
In the year 2002, all theatre artists and connoisseurs were going through a draught in the way performance spaces and rehearsal spaces being available at reasonable rates. Maharashtra Cultural Centre stepped up to the crisis and built an intimate theatre ‘Sudarshan Rangmanch’ and rented out to the theatre community at reasonable rates for performances and rehearsals. At MCC, we believe that theatre should be accessible to everyone. We keep our rentals subsidized, making our space affordable to theatre makers. In turn, they keep their tickets low, making theatre going affordable to audience. MCC has dramatically changed the way theatre is performed and viewed in Pune.

Sudarshan Rangmanch in the way it was built became a catalyst for many innovations in terms of usage of space.  Mcc’s ‘Pidhijaat’by Satish Alekar and directed by Girish Joshi was the first play by Mcc at Sudarshan Rangmanch. Followed by Sachin Kundalkar’s  Çhhotashya Suttit’ directed by Mohit Takalkar, Girish Joshi’s ‘Final Draft’, Vivek Bele’s ‘Never Mind’ and ‘Makdyachya hathi Champagne , Pramod Kale’s Ápurnaat Apurnam’ and ‘Shokparwa’ mesmerised the audience by the thought provoking content, experience it provided and gave Mcc the iconic status that it now enjoys. Chetan Datar’s ‘Saawlya’ directed by Pradeep Vaidya was a hair raising production by MCC. In 2011, ‘Na yeti Uttare’ written and directed by Mr. Pramod Kale made a huge statement on gay relationships for the first time in Pune and was helpful in own small way of inspiring people to accept homosexuality as any other normal relationship.
In the same year Vivek Bele’s ‘Katkon Trikon’was produced and immensely well received because of the splendid writing, Girish Joshi’s marvellous direction and the Acting prowess of Ketaki Thatte and Padmashree Dr. Mohan Agashe. 2011 was a splendid year for MCC as another stupendous production C. T Khanolkars novel was adapted into a play and directed by a young director Mr.Sachin Joshi. Çhapha’ was a successful experiment by Sachin Joshi in the innovative way that he used Sudarshan Rangmanch’s space. The play was very well received and critically acclaimed as well.
In 2012, Mr. Girish Joshi received the honourable German fellowship and he travelled to Germany to watch plays which in turn he could adapt in India. After watching many plays, Clemens Medge’s ÁMUK AMUK’was adapted in Marathi by him and ‘KHIDKYA’ a wonderful play was born.
Our theatre festivals, the annual Rangmahotsav  Theatre Festival, Urja- a platform for all theatre artists to showcase their talent at no cost, are carefully curated and present productions in different genres, styles and languages. Not only these festivals bring diverse theatre communities together, they are a wonderful opportunity for audience to expand their idea and experience of theatre.
Mcc has consistently organised lectures and workshops for newcomers to have a better understanding of theatre. The workshops are designed in a way where traditional theatre practices are encouraged to be broken with experiments and innovations. The wisdom of the seniors and the fire of the youngsters are encouraged in the workshop to create something unusual and to transcend all known boundaries. Padma Bhushan Satyadev Dubey conducted an immensely intense acting workshop the way only he can at the earliest stage of MCC. Vijay Tendulkar in his most unique manner has conducted a writing workshop for MCC. Shrirang Godbole, Chetan Datar, Aniruddha Khutwad and many others have educated theatre artists in Pune through MCC.
Mcc’s Theatre wing has stood the test of time for the last 25 years and aims to proliferate and create innovations and opportunities for all theatre artists and treat the audience with mesmerising pieces of Theatre for infinite years to come.

Productions on stage

    Year: 2018
    Playwright: Vibhawari Deshpande
    Director: Radhika Kakatkar
    Duration: 2 hrs


    Year: 2018
    Playwright: Vivek Bele
    Director: Abhay Godse
    Duration: 2 hrs


    Year: 2017
    Playwright: Badal Sircar
    Hindi Translation: Pratibha Agarwal
    Director: Sachin Joshi - Amrut Samak
    Duration: 2 hrs 10 min


    Year: 2018
    Playwright: Vladen Dodotsev
    Marathi Translation: P.L. Deshpande
    Director: Sachin Joshi
    Duration: 2 hrs