Sudarshan Art Gallery

Ralph Waldo Emerson “Every great artist was once an amateur” keeping in mind Emersons philosophy the Mcc art gallery was created in 2005 and named Sudarshan Kaladalan.

The kaladana was the next step by MCC, in its mission to proliferate every art form to the common audience. By the way of Kaladalan, MCC has managed to create strong awareness amongst audience in Pune and created an immense interest in visual arts. The kaladalan was inaugurated by the renowned Visual artist Mr. Atul Dodiya under the leadership of Mr. Pramod Kale and Ms. Madhuri Purandare, the Kladalan has lived upto its philosophy of educating amateurs by organising lectures, demonstrations and workshops continuously. The Kaladalan has been extremely fortunate to announce the First solo Exhibition of Mr. Prabhakar Kolte in Pune along with enlightening lectures by the man himself. Vijay Shinde, Sanjeev Khandekar, Dr. Sudhir Patwardhan, Dilip Ranade, Shakuntala Kulkarni and Vasant Ábaji’Dahake and many others have graced the kaladalan by showcasing their mesmerising art. The kaladalan has managed to create stronger bonds with these artists even today.
The kaladalan for the last 10 years has hosted the screenings of films in the field of visual Arts and artists.
The Sudarshan Kaladalan is flourishing presently under the visionary leadership of Dr. Nitin Hadap and Mr.Popat Mane.
ÚRJA’, a quarterly Art exhibition solely focuses on creating a platform for upcoming artists in Maharashtra by providing them with space and every available resource at their disposal.
ÇHITRASAUNVAAD’, a monthly initiative aims to create a dialogue between the upcoming artists and patrons.
After After 13 strong years, The Sudarshan Kaladalan still aims to create appreciation and understanding of visual arts and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The gallery stimulates active learning about the Arts and creative process through research, Teaching and dialogue among communities of Pune. The gallery organises exhibitions and educational programmes to offer enjoyment and encourage enquiry while builfing and maintaining its collections in Trust for future Generations.