संगीत / Music

The music section of Maharashtra Cultural Centre was started in around 1998, with a thematic program ‘Kahe Kabir’ and in last 20 years, the music section has flourished in many ways. We organize ‘Sudarshan Sangeet Mahotsav’, a yearly music festival since 2004. From 2011, we run ‘Sudarshan Sangeet Sabha’, a bi-monthly activity focused towards awareness of various music-cultures and musicology, in which we invite scholar musicians to present lecture demonstrations. ‘Urja’ was our 5 years project during 2000 to 2005 that provided concert platform to many budding musicians, similarly MCC has supported young, budding musicians under the banner of ‘Kaushik Ranjani’. Apart from music performances, we have felicitated veteran scholar musicians such as Dr. Ashok Da Ranade, Yashvant Deo & Karuna Deo, Suhasini Koratkar, Faiyaz Hussain Khan, Jayashree Patnekar, Kumudini Katdare, etc.