आमच्याविषयी थोडे / About Us

Maharashtra Cultural Centre is Maharashtra’s leading cultural institution. Established in 1965, it boasts of more than 50 years of service in Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts. It is one of the leading multi-venue, multi-genre cultural institutions in India. MCC is committed to conserving and boosting Maharashtra’s dynamic and prolific artistic heritage as well as vigorously promoting innovative experiments whilst creating a platform for all connoisseurs and beginners in Performing and Visual Arts

Maharashtra Cultural Centre was the creation of Jyotsna Bhole, Yamutai Kirloskar, Bhausaheb Damle and Dr.Pabalkar, four visionaries who saw the need for a platform in the field of Performing Arts. Legends from various fields have contributed towards giving MCC the iconic status it now enjoys, Padma Shree Dr. Mohan Agashe, Padma Vibhushan S H Raza, Shama Bhate and Padma Bhushan Satyadev Dubey and other legends being its earliest mentors. MCC till date has produced 50 plays, 30 visual Arts exhibitions, 75 Musical Concerts and productions  and 50 Performing Arts National Festivals.

Maharashtra Cultural Centre places great emphasis on education and is developing a reputation as a major centre for training and education in all performing arts genre, building an already well established programme of workshops, seminars and special events for all beginners in the field of performing arts.

Pune, going through a drought in way of spaces being available for amateur or experimental theatre practitioners at reasonable rates was a terrible problem for all. At such a time, MCC stood up and built the first intimate, black-box theatre space ‘Sudarshan Rangmanch’ in 2002 right in the heart of the city and opened its doors for the rise of Experimental Theatre in style. Mcc’s Sudarshan Rangmanch soon became the hub for all performing arts activities. The revolution created by ‘Sudarshan Rangmanch’ brought in more practitioners and gave rise to a new need for a much bigger space and need for rehearsal spaces. MCC stepped up to the cause again and built a larger space with rehearsal halls ‘Jyostna Bhole Sabhagruha’ named after the creator of MCC.

Now approaching the fiftieth year of its existence, with an ever expanding list of performances, educational projects, exhibitions and much more.